What is a cash deposit account

Someone please explain to me what I am missing. I am willing to make a cash deposit at a US bank to the sellers account in order to buy BTC

  1. Why do I have to create a national currency account? No bank account of mine will be used for a cash deposit. I’m depositing cash in the sellers bank.

  2. I added my bank account anyway, but now it has a transaction limit. Why is there a transaction limit on cash?

I must be missing something.


  1. Agree, But you need to put something in for the trade to work. Im not sure if its against the protocol to put Jane Doe name and account for a cash account as a buyer, i hope not as it shouldn’t matter as long as you can provide a receipt to the seller. Many traders on LBC do not require ID for cash trades so bisq should match the same functionality here?

  2. Im not sure the reasoning could be just the default. What is the limit? It does have the benefit to not risk large trades from bugs as well as limiting it for new users which may not be familiar with bisq, so smaller trades will not cause too much grief if there are problems and it will increase as time goes on.

Some dev input may be needed.

Also faq here to fill any more missing details, feel free to search the forums as well :slight_smile:

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It simply makes no sense that if I create an offer to “buy btc” it shows my bank name, when my bank isn’t even involved in the transaction.

If I go with existing offers to sell BTC it limits me to .06 btc because its a new bank account. But once again the bank account has nothing to do with transaction.

You mention that “you need to put something in for the trade to work” but that something is BTC, not USD, so no bank needed for cash. It makes no sense to me.

It is needed for other payment methods and there are many in Bisq. It probably didn’t give much reason to change the code just for this one special case, but I don’t know of course. It will probably be adjusted eventually, devs are busy with a lot of stuff usually.

As for the limit, that still makes sense, there would still be use of having the limit for new users, it would just have to be done in a different way for cash deposit. The point is probably that it would have to change too much of code for just one payment method, but we can only get that confirmed from devs.

You can probably just put any place holder there, as there is no way to check that, as you say, but you can put your account if you want of course.

Just to make sure I’m understanding, there is no need for a buyer to provide accurate account details aside from an email when creating a cash deposit account type for buying BTC, correct? As a buyer, I’m taking cash into a local bank to deposit into sellers account. These fields (email excepted) are used for other methods but appear for cash deposit anyway and are therefore moot?

Account owner full name:
Bank name
Routing Number
Account number
Account Type

Correct. If your intention is to BUY, the email field is the only “required” field. The other fields can be ignored, (well, you can’t ignore them, you must enter 9 digits for the routing number and 6 digits for the account, you can enter all zeros. or ones or whatever. you get the idea.)

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I’ve listed my Cash Deposit account as you have said with email shown & all zeros in the routing & account numbers. Do you or anyone else know if this is still suffice for buying only on this date of May 24, 2019? Thanks!

It should, as far as I know. I don’t see why you would need a bank account for cash deposit.

Warning : some banks require the cash depositer to have an account, eg BOA

Of course, you can try a first cash deposit which has nothing to do with Bisq, just to know how it works with your bank.