What's Wrong with the cash deposit?


I am unable to buy BTC using “cash deposit US” method. I added a cash payment in my trading account, including the bank name, routing number, account number, etc. However, I still can’t make a cash deposit purchase.

  1. What should I do?
  2. Should I add the SAME bank account as the seller? If so, how would I know the seller’s bank account?


Why? Can be more specific?

Hello Manfred,

  1. I click on “buy BTC with Cash,” and the response is “you don’t have a trading account with the payment method required for that offer.” Then I click on "Go to ‘Account’ " and set up my Cash Deposit, filling out the required information including one US bank. So now, it shows that I have Zelle and Cash Payments set up in my Account. However, I am still unable to buy BTC via cash from a seller because I get the same response “you don’t have a trading account with the payment method required for that offer.”

What is the solution?


I am having the same problem. Everything appears correct with my cash deposit account configuration, and the payment type matches the sellers “Cash Deposit” payment type.

Any insight on how to resolve this issue so I can purchase bitcoin would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ups there is a bug. I will fix it for next release.

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When is the next release? Thanks

I think Manfred said in Slack recently that he will probably be making a new release on Wednesday. I assume he meant this Wednesday, in two days, but I am not sure.

I still need to recover from a bronchitis, so might be delayed… but hopefully soon.

Sorry to hear that Manfred.
Hope you get well soon! :sunny:

Yeah I’m having the same problem with the cash deposit feature.

I think this is an excellent site, can’t wait for it to be fixed!

me three! Cash Deposit bug - get better m8! Our bitcoin futures are depending on ya! :smiley:

Tomorrow is release date probably…

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It’s fixed, but now it’s telling me I can’t buy because my account is too new lol

You can set up an offer as well

Hi Manfred, can you please explain the specific requirements that a new user must satisfy to buy bitcoin directly using a cash deposit without making any offers? Thank you.

You will just need BTC security deposit and then you will be given bank account details where you need to deposit cash with given instructions, once you have taken an offer.

Feel free to create an offer, there is no reason not to do it if there is no offer available that you are interested in. More offers means that Bisq market will be more liquid.

I appreciate your insights alexej996, thank you.

Hi, for cash deposits in the US, you need to know the bank name before(!) you initiate the the trade. If the buyer has to proceed with trade, has her BtC funds locked, only to find out that the bank to deposit cash to is not in her area, then that situation creates a problem -> trade needs to be cancelled etc…

I am looking at all cash deposit trades now, and NONE have indicated at which bank the deposit needs to happen.

Can we do sth about it? E.g. LBC users typically put in the name of the advertisement the name of the bank that the buyer will need to deposit cash into.

For example, the seller’s “Bank Name” field could be revealed before buyer initiates the trade.

Hm. :thinking:

I don’t know. Maybe @Alfsbs can confirm this. He is our payment methods expert :slight_smile:

Thank you for raising the issue, Noah, I will look into it

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