Withdrawal not confirmed for 10 hours

im using the latest version of bitsquare.was trying to withdraw my btc and looks like im stuck.tried viabtc accelerator but it says Submissions are beyond limit. Please try later. any help what to do? thanks.

You could use child-pay-for-payment method to create a new transaction that is dependent on confirmation of this withdrawal one. If you set the fee in this new transaction high enough for both transactions, then they will both be accepted faster by miners.
You can read more about it on this topic:

or you could read more about it somewhere else on the Internet, like Bitcointalk forum.

im using 0.5.3 bitsquare version and not

You can still use it. It is a common way to bump up the miner fee for your Bitcoin transaction.
You probably didn’t set the right fee while withdrawing your funds from Bisq.

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i didnt do anything there,to be honest.i used it before and it was working fine.i checked now it says there satoshi/byte 300

is there anywhere step by step instruction on how to use Child Pay For Parent" tx (CPFP)? i dont really understand how do all that and btc stuck.

300 satoshis/byte should be enough I think. Please find that withdrawal transaction in the block explorer and check if it is confirmed, also note it’s size and mining fee.
If it isn’t confirmed, you will make a new transaction from that address where you are withdrawing those bitcoins to, even tho the balance isn’t confirmed you will override it. Note the size of the new transaction and add it to the size of the old one. Then set the mining fee for the new one to be 300 satoshis/byte (or higher if you want) on the sum of sizes of those two transactions, and you can subtract the mining fee you paid for the old transaction.
Detailed steps depend on the external wallet that you are using, but that is what you need to do.

that day i bought 0.18btc and 0.2690 and i withdraw those from two wallets in bitsquare to my external wallet.so as you see 0.18 transaction is not confirmed and withdrawl from the wallet is not confirmed, so do i disregard 0.18 transaction and make a new transaction from the external wallet address where 0.43597230 going. and how to do a new transaction from the external wallet address. is there anybody from support can cancell all that or fix it? i need those coins.once again i have no idea how to overwrite and make a new transaction from that address where im sending my btc.can anybody do it using teamweaver. i mean it have to be some instructions how to do all that if a lot of people having the same problem.

fee is at 360

You cannot cancel an open trade. If the trade period times out because of blockchain congestion the arbitrator tolerate an extension of the period if both traders agree otherwise the trade can be canceled.
Seems the tx spammers started again and the fee estimation service is not good enough to adopt to the new situation.
Most of the time the fee was way too high but if there are fast increases of the required fee the estimation service does not work well.

my question is what do i do now,i have no idea what is Child Pay For Parent" tx (CPFP) and how to make a new transaction from the address where im sending btc. Can anybody help and explain what to do?

Wait until the tx is confirmed. For the withdrawal tx you can do a CPFP. There are some explanations in the forum or just google it, its not hard.

damn it. i googled it and i dont see anybody who can explain where to go and what to do and how to use cpfp. everybody saying just go and and make a new transaction with higher fees. go where? i dont understand.can anybody help with instructions?

do i need to wait until 0.18 will be confirmed and only than i can do that cpfp?

looks like it will never be confirmed with fee size 64.69 sat/b

No. That is why you are doing CPFP in the first place. To get it confirmed.

Alright. You need to use your external wallet for the CPFP and nothing else. Nobody can give you exact instructions since no one knows which external wallet you are using (Bitcoin Core?). You do own that address you are withdrawing to, yes? You got that address’s private key?

i was transferring btc from bitsquare to my paxful wallet. this is my wallet and it is my paxful account.im the owner. where do i find that address private key? again thanks for your help. do you mean this:

Oh. You are using an online wallet. I am not sure if you will be able to that with an online wallet. They have only options that the website owners implemented. You should be using a software or hardware wallet for bigger security and control of your coins. I can’t help you with that.
Good luck. You might be needing to do a double-spend if segwit doesn’t fix it in few days or you can’t wait. You should talk to Manfred about a double-spend and know that it is usually a last resort option.

Alexej Mean that You don’t have any real wallet!
Many people under the impression that they have BTC or another currency wallet because they was told so by internet provider of some BTC service.
In reality they only have online service they not really own BTC but have PROMICE of BTC (or other coins.)
Real wallet can be two kinds, first -special program downloaded all block chain on your computer (can be over 15GB)
You have your secret keys in your possession second kind wallets use special server, so you don’t need to download and run Gigabits of transactions.
But your own you keys as well.
Many wallets not real ones,
It is easy to check.
If the wallet is real one you have possession of PRIVAT KEYS from your currency (Bitcoin. Eth. Dash etc…)
If not, it is not real wallet.
You can try Coinomi or Jaxx wallets.
They relatively easy and support multiple coins in one.

So In your case, you need to contact OWNER of the Wallet from were transaction come from.
Means You need to contact site support who holds wallet on your behalf (without giving you the keys).
And they can assist you with this lost transaction (hopefully)