Arbirator says they can't see the dispute that they've been assigned to

I opened a dispute nearly 72 hours ago which shows s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 as the selected arbitrator (@Keo). After no response for 48 hours I contacted Keo directly but they say they cannot see the dispute. What should we do?

Offer ID is wdvk4eyw-fde624c5-c753-4643-8a59-8eabc88d2ff6-115


Perhaps this is the issue: Keo's new arbitration address

Here you have @keo’s email. Contact them there. And you don’t need to share personal info like your trade id publicly. Do it directly to the arbitrator.

Okay thanks. Keo did respond initially saying that they couldn’t see my dispute. I sent screenshots of the dispute 24 hours ago but no further response yet. How long do we wait for a response before raising the issue somewhere else? And is here the best place to raise such issues? Thanks

You can of course discuss your issues here or on the github,
but arbitrators are on the top of the dispute resolution process.
There is no “super-arbitrator” above them.

Okay thanks. This dispute is now nearing the end of Day 4 though and the arbitrator hasn’t even seen the dispute yet, and seems pretty slow to respond via email. Is there a point at which we can appeal to the other arbitrators to look into it?

afaik, the other arbitrators have no info about the trades which don’t concern them.

Edit: Keo has responded on Bisq now. Thanks

Okay, so what is the procedure if the arbitrator doesn’t respond?