Bitsquare bounty: 0.5 BTC for new brand name


Hi, what do you think about Bitniq/Bitnik… That reminds us on the good old Beatniks … !


Flux, Fluxx - the flow, Stands for everlasting movement and an infinite net. A short hard Name gives trust.


You probably got one already and just teasing us by now.

sounds similar, got b, s, q

a funny name, easy to remember, got s and q

Not sure if any domains are available, not going to get any.


We have not just only one but too many ;-). but none of them is perfect so far. So that’s why we started that competition in the hope that someone in the community finds the perfect fit.


I liked the whole “other language for symbolism” idea…

The word "exchange can be appended to the end of any of these ideas.

Apertus (latin for ‘open’)
Populo (latin for ‘people’s’)
Amicus (latin for ‘friend’)
Liber/Libero (latin for ‘free’)
Nobilis (latin for ‘noble’)
Fidus (latin for ‘trustworthy’)
Alithis (greek for ‘true’)
Kalos (greek for ‘good’)


One last proposal from my side.
I proposed BitDX, but to go without the “bit” part it would be CoinDX
where DX can either mean decentralized or dao exchange.


hehe, nice one. Bitnik reminds me more of Kevin Mitnik ;).
Fluxx appears to be a game.

In any case, I agree that a short name should be preferred instead of long. More concise and easy to remember.


Why last? Keep them coming! :slight_smile:



A face-to-face yet purely digital exchange.


Well, how about “acktb”


squib, squibber


I think that there is way enough input here for a new brand/name.
Maybe an idea to pick out a bunch and wrap them up in a voting campaign resulting in 3 possible names to choose from for the team.
I don’t know if it’s technicallly possible, but it would be best to have the voting taking place at the network (dao?)


You are right there is a lot of input already. That is why we are now looking for more creative proposals.

I don’t know if it’s technicallly possible, but it would be best to have the voting taking place at the network (dao?)

As mentioned earlier, the intention of this campaign is not to vote for a name, but to help the team select one. Nevertheless, we may create a poll in case we are doubting between a couple of names.


Time for a few updates.

Domain names

We first wanted to address one important issue. In numerous posts we noticed that in addition to proposing a name, the member also registers the respective domain name. While we appreciate those who care to reserve the name in the event it is chosen, we appreciate less those who intend to sell the domain for profit. Bitsquare is a free an open-source project and we are not doing business. If one registers a domain and expects profit from it, we are simply not going to pick that name.

Closing sooner?

Several members have suggested to close the bounty sooner. On the one hand, we already have a lot of new names, thanks to everyone who contributed. On the other, there is the desire to keep the original promise. However, the suspense is maybe too great to wait until February 20. The team is now considering closing the bounty sooner, should we find a winner name before the bounty closes. We’ll update you on that shortly.

No winner?

Some (more) good news. We are also considering a form of remuneration in the event that we select a name that is not proposed by anyone in the community. Some members have been very active so far with high quality proposals and we believe they should be rewarded for their efforts and creativity.

More to follow shortly.



Like the subway, (soon former) Bitsquare:

  • Provides a faster, more direct (exchange) path between locations (traders).
  • Uses an “underground” network (Tor).
  • Hides all other possible paths from the traveler’s (trader’s) view.
  • Is public.
  • Sells food. Sorry, scrap that.


CoinFlux - - Preferably with a nice replacement for the heavily used ‘coin’ part


tradeFlux is also cool


A few more for your consideration…


LOL maybe MC Coinalds? :laughing:



Fee-less exchange.