Bitsquare bounty: 0.5 BTC for new brand name




I like this idea. Its also close to the French troc which is for selling used stuff. Of course, in the case of bitsquare, its tokens that each user no longer needs and is therefore selling.

Building off this idea of, what about a recursive acronym following the GNU tradition: BTC Trading & Community Market Economy.

True, but it’s super easy to search the web page for your suggestion, and you’ll see right away if someone else already suggested it or not.

Thinking about Manfred’s suggestion to focus on flow and non-English names, what about потік or potik, Ukrainian for a flow, a current, a torrent, etc. I’m suggesting the Ukrainian word because they’ve been a borderlands between Europe and Asia for centuries, and as such they’ve long been a crossroads and meeting place for commerce and for many cultures. Plus, as a decentralized bitcoin to fiat exchange, if governments turn on traditional exchanges, bitsquare may be one of the few remaining global borderlands between fiat and cryptocurrencies.


Happy Top Names release day!

As promised, here is the next set of names from our team brainstorming that ended up in our top list. Hope they can inspire you for new proposals.

0-2-1 (zero-to-one): Somewhat unconventional name, but I’m sure you can immediately make the link. 0 and 1 are smallest units for information representation (bit). A change from 0 to 1 indicates creation of something new, potentially something which did not exist before. The name also has a reference to the limit of 21 million bitcoins to ever be mined. Also, using numbers, instead of words exemplifies the international nature of the project. While this name has excellent conceptual references, it may pose some practical issues. There are several ways to write it when you hear it: 0-2-1, 021, 0-21, 0 2 1, etc. And there are several ways to say it when you read it: “zero-to-one”, “zero-twenty-one”, “oh-twenty-one”, “oh-two-one”, etc. Searching “0-2-1” in google gives you the answer: “-3”. :nerd: Aside from these language ambiguities, which we hope will be cleared in no time, the name represents exactly what Bitsquare stands for: a small digital change, a giant leap for cryptocurrency. :rocket:

Two other proposals follow that keep more of the original sound of Bitsquare:

Bisq: It contains the anchor letters of Bitsquare: B, S and Q. A four-letter one-syllable word that is short and sounds good. It is strange enough to remember but not too strange to discern.

Bitsq: Similar to Bisq but even closer to Bitsquare. Just for clarity, it is pronounced Bit -es -kju. It can be interpreted as short version of Bitsquare, and as such it is keeping the “bit” part. This is the only one of the three names that was also proposed in the community - by member joekur.

Nevertheless, being in our top list does not ensure that one of those names will be selected, but it only increases that likelihood. Can you propose any alternatives/variations of these names? Or anything completely different? Post your suggestions below. Not sure if your proposal has already been mentioned before? Post it anyway, we’ll take care of the rest.


Re three released names:

Bisq is very close to a lobster soup (bisque), I believe and/or restaurants name, there are quite a few of them, probably OK since there are obvious differences in purpose.

I suggested (among a 2-3 other words) Bisqui before, pronounced be-squi.
There is no exact english word like this, but there are in some european languages probably meaning bisquit, not 100% sure.

I like Bitsq personally (if you really want continuation), however, there might be concerns that “sq” directly implies square and, unfortunately, Square’s stock symbol is SQ, which might bring everything to square one, pardon the pun.


Wow well…
It seems that it calmed everyone right after this profligacy of creativity :smile:

I really like the first on your list, even though it differs the most from your current brand, with the idea of ‘binary’/‘digital’ !



For those that don’t know about the decidedly closed Jekyll Island meeting of 1910 where top US bankers wrote the first draft of the law creating the Federal Reserve, here’s some background…

The vast majority of people don’t understand how their government money works. My hope is that the name, together with a possible explanation on the website About Us page would help point more people to information about how government money comes into existance.

BitSquare and the currencies it supports disintermediates central banks around the world, stripping them of their power. A new Open Jekyll Island meeting is taking place online with millions of people helping shape the future of finance.

So, what do you think? Time for OpenJekyll?


I don’t care for them, but bisq is the most euphonic.

Also why not just change a letter and make it BitSquire?


I have a suggestion:

If you decide to go with Bitsq, you can get a
.re domain for :slight_smile:
.re is a domain for french Reunion island in Indian Ocean.
Somebody is probably selling those.


My 1st choice: Abitavid (or abitavid or ABITAVID)
2nd: Bitavid (or bitavid or BITAVID)
3rd: Bitmovoid (or bitmovoid or BITMOVOID)
4rd: Bitsonero (or bitsonero or BITSONERO)
5rd: Bitcraver (or bitcraver or BITCRAVER)
6rd: Bitjuvenate (or bitjuvenate or BITJUVENATE)
7rd: Novalane (or novalane or NOVALANE)
7th: Bitflare (or bitflare or BITFLARE)
8th: Bitflicker (or bitflicker or BITFLICKER)


My suggestion would be:



I think Bisq is a nice short name, although my first impression, same goes for Bitsq, reminds me of Bitsynq that turned out to be a scam.
So to have a short, easy to remember name I would suggest Basq (google “bask” and you’ll know why).


SwapSafe - The safest crypto exchange.

BitGlobe -

Peermoney - Person to Person exchange platform.

PeerCrypto -


Polygain - Crypto market exchange whe

Cryptorium - The crypto emporium commerce market.

Safex - The safest crypto exchange platform; decentralised. I think this is taken by another company.

Globit - Global Bitcoin and crypto trade platform.

Bitzarex - Bitcoin and crpto bazaar exchange.

Cuboid - If you want a reference to your beautiful logo well this name is it!

Cadabit - or…
Cadabra - (remember the company Abra?) Your the other half.

xspose - x for decenalised exchange, s for secure, p for private, o for open, s for secure, e for easy.


A few more suggestions:
I’m not sure if someone suggested Qube before.
QryptoQoin :stuck_out_tongue:


My humble input, a combi of two words mentioned more often before but i believe not in combination:

The hidden marketplace.
The word Agòra in itself might remind some of agoraphobia, but Cryptàgora i believe not so, reminds me of pythagoras :slight_smile:
Also -gora in slavic means mountain, (montenegro calls itself “crna gora”, or black mountain)
So that would be hidden mountain, for a nice extra tolkinesque vibe :wink:

Ps. I happily donate my bounty for the common good, thanks for all your good work!





Unscrew currency exchange by getting rid of currency escrow.


I’m new here and very interested.
I like BitCertain and DexBit or Dxbit



How about full package: The name, logo and domain?
Here it is:


CryptoCantina: Similar to the Mos Eisley’s Cantina where you can meetup, barter and trade.

Following the same thought:


Here is some more food for thought. The first three names are in foreign (non-English) languages to stress the global significance of Bitsquare. The latter two are… well… different. :slight_smile:

Time to look for more foreign names?