[ISSUE] Transaction not being broadcast


Traders get stuck waiting for confirmation on their transactions when unbeknownst to them the transactions hasn’t even been broadcast. They don’t get any result when looking for their transaction ID on the blockchain.


I’m not sure but it seems to be a mixture of network issues and too many trades made with a single wallet.

  • Make sure that if you’re running a Local Bitcoin Node that you aren’t running a Pruned Node.
  • If you’re paying the trading fees with BSQ make sure that you are in sync with the network. You can do so by going to DAO > Network Monitor > DAO State and the block height should be equal to that of the Bitcoin network.


The solution seems to be to migrate to a new clean directory and send the bitcoins there.

  1. Resync SPV chain. Wait for this process to finish and only move forward if it doesn’t work.
  2. Make backup
  3. Switch to a new data directory
  4. Issue a reimbursement request for trading fees spent


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One reason might be if users have a local Bitcoin core in prunded mode running or if they started Bisq while a local Bitcoin Core has not finished syncing.

If that is not the case and you are using BSQ for fee payment be sure that BSQ blocks are in sync. If not there is a progress bar animating in the footer bar. There have been some issues recently (last release contains an incorrect daostate file and seed nodes had issues) but those are resolved and a hotfix will be released prob. tomorrow.

If you did not use BSQ for fees and a tx was not published make a SPV chain file resync. If that did not help as well it might be best to start over with a new data directory. You can carry over your accounts (search forum for instructions).

Having been one of the users that has encountered this issue, I can confirm that this has happened with me using Bisq in its “normal” mode, i.e. not using a local Bitcoin node, but just normal SPV. It’s also happened with different txs in the process, e.g. broadcasting a new offer or when an offer has been accepted. This has been happening when using BSQ for fees, however the BSQ blocks seem to be in sync as far as I can tell.